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Hello all.  We are choosing between a Beckman DxH and a Sysmex XN.  I would like comments from people who have recently (within 2 years) purchased either of these.  Pros and cons.  Specifically if you have the slide maker/stainer. Thanks.

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We recently retired our old-old Coulter LH780 and LH500s and replaced them with DxHs.  The system at the main lab is actually a linked set of DxHs that run under one control system.  They seem to work fine once we got past a few odd break-in problems.  If you are familiar with Coulters, you would have to get used to the newer workstation interface, but they run pretty much the same with some technical improvements.  We like em.

I would not recommend having a linked set installed.  You have more versatility with two separate units.



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we just renewed our contract with Beckman and replaced three overworked DxH's with brand new ones. our setup is all three connected in a line with the SMS at the end (and by the end of the year connected to the Power Express). Honestly, the only other system I would even consider switching to (based on comments read on numerous other forums) is the Sysmex XN.  You have a tough choice there. If your facility is anything like mine, the finance department will make the final call. 

You'll have a choice of creating a connected line with both Sysmex and Beckman. Scott mentioned the connection doesn't work well for his lab - and I find that true for the other labs in our health system. For my lab, it works great. The SMS has pros and cons. LOTS of maintenance. We run a Wright-Giemsa stain, and the lines that handle the stain-buffer mix have developed what I have diagnosed as "coronary artery disease". That mix gets swampy and gross and clogs things up. They finally made a modification that makes flushing with methanol easier, but it is time consuming (45 minutes). BUT the slides are awesome! In my opinion, if you're looking for a system with a slidemaker stainer, I would lean toward Sysmex.

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