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A little lab lost

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Can anyone help me with this.   I'm relatively new in post at a new trust and I'm trying to pull together some documentation for Good Laboratory Practice.  Over the past couple of months I've found myself pulling up staff on basic stuff like labelling tubes, writing down lot number etc.  The most common comeback are 'well it's not in the SOP' or 'It didn't matter before when X was here'.....   Are there any standards for GLP out there or is it something just drummed into you??  I don't remember it being part of my training as such, just how you do things.   

So my plan of action is a formal GLP document and to incorporate this into our next round of competencies.   Any advise would be gratefully received.

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My strong advice to you is to look at the latest from the UK Transfusion Laboratory Collaborative papers and write to one of the authors.  Failing that, I'll send you another address, and that would be RR1 on here, although she hasn't been on here for a while, and so I will contact her for you.

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In the US, we have JCAHO and other organisations such as AABB, whereby regulators base their inspections.  If we had an question about what is and is not required here, we would refer to one of their standards.

Besides all that, obviously your associates should be following whatever your management tells them to do about "good lab practice" -- as it can vary in application form lab to lab.  References for stuff like labeling tubes properly should not be necessary.  Perhaps they have a point that there is not enough documentation for some things in your current SOPs?  In which case, update your P&Ps. That would take care of the "we have always done it this way" and other facetious arguments.

For specific common violations of policy, you can at least send memos to each associate with notification that certain practices must be followed, and have them sign off on it.  Then they would have little excuse to say that they had not been notified of the newer practices.


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