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Galileo Neo/ Solid Phase users - Have seen you all Pos screen and Neg panel?


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Hi I am reference coordinator at 450 bed Level 1 Trauma Center. The last few months I have seen a few times when all three Neo screening cells are about 2-4+ pos and then Neo panel was all negative. These patients did not have Rhogam and tested negative in PEG testing. I have also seen this happen with several different Neo screening cells lots.


One patient screen on Lot R369 was 3+ pos for all three cell on both Neo instrument but had a negative Neo panel on Lot ID201. Then this patient was tested against another screening Lot (R374). Which resulted in 3+ reactions on all three cell on one instrument but the screen was negative on the other instrument. 30 min Peg screen and auto control was negative.

Immucor is reviewing this one but has not responded yet. 


Another patient example is a patient screen on Lot R384 tested 3+ on cell 1, 2+ on cell 2, and ? on cell 3. Since the other Neo was down the Tech repeated the screen with Manual Solid phase and all 3 screening cells were 3+ pos. The Neo Panel DN072 was all negative and so was PEG screen and panel.


Has any one else had a solid phase panagglutinin positive screen and corresponding neg solid phase panel? 

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Although not specific to the lots you mentioned, we have seen the same scenario on occasion in the past. 2 or 3 cell capture screens pos on Neo with negative ABID on Neo. Manual screens on same lots are often negative. No good explanation from us or Immucor. 

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