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Hello everybody!


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I just found out about BB Talk from a good friend of mine who works for a reference lab. She so kindly e-mailed me the link, so here I am , being among you.

I was offered an early retirement about a year ago, but found myself, working part-time in a different lab again for about 8 months now.

I just finished with the validation of the Tango, went Live about a month ago, and anxiously awaiting the rest of the Tango reagents ( ABID, Ag typing, DAT, etc) which were just recently FDA approved.

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Welcome to BB Talk, I'm a new member as well and work for Biotest. Glad to hear you are enjoying the Tango. We received some good news from the FDA this week, all of the new Tango assays have been approved along with our complete line of traditional reagents. We look forward to introducing you to our new products.

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Welcome 30492. HAve only been aboard a short time myself, but the forums are great. Some great ideas come along. I have been a BB since 1968 (time I retired I think), but you never stop learning.

regards Eoin

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