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Blood Bank Competencies


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Hello everyone. We're revising our current blood bank competencies. I was wondering if you guys were willing to share your competencies with me. We are looking for competencies that are simple but cover every CLIA Competency Assessment Procedure:

1. Direct observation of routine patient test performance
2. Monitoring the recording and reporting of test results
3. Review of intermediate test results, QC records, proficiency testing results, and preventive maintenance records
4. Direct observation of the performance of instrument maintenance and function checks
5. Assessment of test performance through testing previously analyzed specimens, internal blind testing samples, or external proficiency testing samples
6. Assessment of problem-solving skills


Any suggestions or feedback will be great. Thanks in advance.

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OK - 

maybe TMI and totally not what you're looking for....but, i've attached our spreadsheet to show how we do it here for our blood bank.  i've added VERY BRIEF explanations.  i'd be happy to give more info if your'e interested!

we send out a memo to staff at the beginning of the year outlining what they must complete by......usually 11/30 of that year.  included in the memo is a simplified checklist for staff to keep up with their progress.

i just sent an email to staff (1/2 way point) stating if they wanted to update/check their sheet - to let me know.  some did - some didn't - but that's up to them!  

at the end of the year they must have all of their requirements finished.  we check them. the tech and mgmt sign it and it gets filed in their file.

competency_example .xlsx

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