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INTERCEPT®Fibrinogen Complex pathogen reduced cryo

Mabel Adams

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Is anyone using INTERCEPT®Fibrinogen Complex?  The Cerus reps are contacting me and our trauma surgeons.  It's hard to get a clear answer online on what the product is.   I think it is pathogen-reduced, concentrated, pooled cryo that is good for 5 days post thaw.  It looks like a pool of 4 comes from 8 whole blood donors but I am not sure.  It appears to have a blood type so is not processed to removed ABO antibodies.  Does it have ISBT product codes yet?  Is any US blood supplier carrying it?  CPT codes?  How is it best used for MTPs?

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We are getting ready for it.  Our surgeons want it in place of ?sp? Riostap?? . We don't use very much cryo for traumas.

It's super expensive.  We will be getting it from Cerus until it's available elsewhere.

There is an ISBT code for it.  

Our "plan" is to have one unit thawed at all times.  We currently get pooled cryo from our supplier and we use about 1 unit per week with a max of 4 days between uses.  So - hope to have one thawed, use it and if they need more - use regular pooled cryo.  Then thaw to replace the IFC.  Remains to be seen if our plan actually works.

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