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Bio-Rad Gel

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Has anyone used Bio-Rad Gel? If so what are your thoughts? And do you use their manual card reader, or automated instrumentation?  I've used Ortho Clinical Gel since 1996. We had a ProVue in the early 2000s. I wasn't overwhelmed by it. Currently we are completely manual setup and read.

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The Red Cell Immunohaematology Departments of the National Health Service Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) in England and North Wales have used the Bio-Rad Gel cassettes for years now, and they are absolutely brilliant.  We use them both manually using semi-automated pipettes and reading by eye, and on on fully automated machines with automatic reading.  The ONLY drawback that we ever found was that they are particularly sensitive for detecting unwanted reactions caused by "cold reacting" autoantibodies and cold reacting" alloantibodies, such as sub-clinical anti-M, but I wouldn't swap them for anything.

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First let me say I am honored that Malcolm Needs responded to my question. I have enjoyed reading (I guess I'm a lurker) this forum for years. Pre PathLab days.

 Our longtime Ortho Rep was assigned a new territory, since then we have had sporadic contact. This coincided with a very good Bio-Rad Rep.  I'm impressed with Bio-Rad. I am looking at IH Centrifuge, Incubator and Reader. 

  Thank you for the information. I meet with our Bio-Rad Rep March 22 to review the proposal. 

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