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"Critical values"


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We have a new hospital texting system that all employees are to use on their computers or personal cell phones.

It has been proposed that critical laboratory values be communicated by text - in place of getting a "read back" from the receiving individual, there would be documentation on the report that "text marked as read by _____".  

Are any other facilities doing this?  Do you think this meets the requirements?



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We do it.  We were texting the RN to tell the MD but that kept failing to be documented so this week we are starting to contact the providers directly.  I don't think it is very smooth yet.  The system we use is an app that is only on supervisors' and providers' personal phones.  Otherwise it is on hospital issued phones and workers sign into them when on shift.  The calls/messages go to the app for the provider which then rings/texts their personal phone.  The text messages are only within the app, not on our regular phone SMS.  It is tied to the Epic patient database so you can select the patient within the app and find their current caregivers.  It's pretty slick.  I think the company/app is MH Cure and Mobile Heartbeat.  We renamed it Whistle. 

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