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RhIg Prophylaxis post liquid-plasma infusions?


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Typical to transfusion services, we offer RhIg prophylaxis to Rh neg patients who received Rh pos platelets. We also transfuse liquid plasma to our patients, which is typically contaminated with red cells. These are usually used for MTP patients, in which case Rh considerations can go out the window, but sometimes there is an unexpected/urgent need in normal OR cases. During those times, we will give liquid plasma since it's the quickest product available, and its usually only 1-2 units. I'm wondering if anyone out there also transfuses liquid plasma, and what you may do, if anything, for those Rh neg patients who get 1-2 units of Rh pos liquid plasma which contains Rh pos RBCs? I haven't seen any literature to indicate that we should offer RhIg prophylaxis in these cases, but if we're using the same thought process with platelets...... my brain hurts. :)

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