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Temperature and Inventory tracking and review


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We currently have a paper form for writing down the temps and inventory in our department. The Inventory is pulled from our BBLIS and transcribed onto the paper....seems silly to me. I can't find a regulation that says we need to have a snapshot of the inventory daily, it's available ad hoc whenever we need it, and we check it daily to ensure our incoming blood product orders will be sufficient. Otherwise we don't typically refer back to the papers that tell us the certain point in time's inventory. 

The temps for equipment are all on an electronic monitoring system (Primex). The system creates a report with the last 24 hours of temps, and the dayshift staff sign off a review of this report daily. I also sign off a review of all the temps monthly, but could make it weekly if needed. This should be sufficient for temperature monitoring and reviews right? Our temp/inventory form has a place to mark each piece of equipment as "ok" from the Primex reports. Seems duplicitous. I'm aware that regulations require temperature monitoring and review of those records. 

Basically, would love to go all electronic with these two things, and wondering what others are doing? Any insight is helpful! We have Epic/Beaker and Softbank for BB.  

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Personally, I would go for the all electronic documentation.  Just have some form of backup procedure for down time.  You may have to justify it to some inspector but you have a good case for it.  If the inspector still insists on citing you then take it higher and contest the citation.  It the only way to get things changed.  


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As for temps  - we use the REES system and print 24 hour reports daily.  Tech checks them for outliers and then they get filed in a book.  Manual Daily temps are taken of ALL temperature related equipment daily on a monthly sheet.  both the manual monthly sheet and the REES reports get reviewed by management monthly and then are stored.

Our inventory is also available electronically.  Our techs can access the report without printing it and then fill out our inventory form manually which has optimal levels, etc on it which they use as guidance for ordering.  Inventory is performed once per shift and each shift inventories a different combination of products (platelets are separate).  These manual inventory forms get kept a month - if that - and do not require a manager review.

Hope that helps!!!:hooray:

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