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1st pregnancy no rhogam but positive for antibodies how?

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Help make sense of possibilities and if this is something to be of concern or not or if it could be a false positive:


first pregnancy due in August - no previous miscarriages no blood transfusions etc.


2011 college class - did a lab and blood type was A+ (could have easily messed this up)


feb 2020 pregnancy appt tested A- and negative for antibodies (13 weeks pregnant)


June 2020 pregnancy appt tested A- but positive for “Passive anti D” antibodies (29 weeks pregnant)


NOTE: doctors are super concerned and sending for ultrasound. Lab just assumed the result was expected because RHOGAM was given the same day BUT rhogam was given AFTER the blood was drawn So WAS NOT A FACTOR. Docs were waiting on a report of the titre but the lab never ran it. They said that because they already gave rhogam they couldn’t accurately get a titre now if the redid the blood draw. Rhogam was never given before in patients life. No history of any trauma, no accidents... everyone is confused. Please help make sense of this, it is driving me crazy.  

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