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    • By jayinsat
      The current COVID crisis has exacerbated the ongoing issue of the shortage of technologists in the field. In San Antonio Texas US where the virus is peaking, our systems are strecthed to the limit and many of our techs are burned out. Most of our techs are 50 years old or older and just can't work anymore hours. The younger ones are doing as much overtime as possible but they are complaining. We cannot fill any new positions because, frankly, there is no one. Is anyone else experiencing increased staffing issues highlighted by COVID?
    • By wellspl
      We are using Sebra 1040 blood mixers in our donor center.  The Sebras are  all over 10 years old and are no longer supported.  I am looking for new mixers.  I am interested in what other donor centers are using, if you like them and how often they need to be repaired.  We collect about 800 whole blood donors a year.
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