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AABB First Time Accreditation

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I am just about to submit our self assessment for AABB, and wanted to know if anyone has any recent experience to share about the process for first time accreditation with AABB. When the inspection comes what should we expect? Regarding number of assessors, over how many days, what areas of the lab and the hospital will they want to inspect and see records from. Are the example questions in the self assessment a good representation of what they expect to see?  


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Depends on a lot of factors.

As for the assessors, you need to approve them to ensure there is not a conflict of interest, so you'll know exactly how many are coming.  

How big are you, what are you seeking accreditation for?  If you have a donor center, and IRL, or another accreditation, it's likely you'll get an AABB staff member, otherwise, you'll get all peer assessors.  While they are all trained to assess to the Standards, there is a lot if subjectivity.

How many days also depends on your size. 

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