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    • By BloodbankZ
      I am looking to cut down our TAT. We currently spin our specimens for 10 minutes. Any suggestions for stat centrifuges? TIA.
    • By SMILLER
      We have a problem with a Helmer Ultra CW centrifuge that we discovered yesterday.  When doing a quarterly check, we noted that when doing a "check" after a wash/decant/agitate/fill cycle, the cell button often does not always completely re-suspend.  Anyone know what might be the problem?
      Helmer has had us check the settings and all seem as it should be.  This seems to be a random issue as sometimes it works for individual positions and sometimes it doesn't.  At this point, Helmer has not called back with anymore ideas.
      Thnaks, Scott
    • By autumneprice
      I am looking for a manual for my Baxter Dade Immufuge II Centrifuge B5055-3.
      Does anyone have one they can share with me?
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