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Found 9 results

  1. We are in the process of evaluating new blood bank analyzers. It's been while since the last post comparing them. Can anyone provide updated information on working with Grifols Erytra or Ortho Vision? We currently have the Immucor Echo. Thank you!
  2. I searched the forum and read some discrepancy info from back in 2013 and 2014 but most of those patients had history of transfusion. Two days ago we had a prenatal T&S. No blood transfusions involved. We had no previous history of type or transfusions on file. The sample was tested on the ECHO and clearly typed as D negative with no discrepancies or concerns with both Anti-D reagents. Patient was reported as D negative. The same day we receive a call from the patient's midwife stating the patient has a history of being B Positive. We pulled the original sample and repeated testing on the ECHO. The repeat testing resulted in ? with at least one of the Anti-D reagents and resulted as NTD. (No type determined). We proceeded to perform tube as well as ECHO weak D testing. Patient was 2+ positive in tube with AHG phase using the exact same reagents used on the ECHO and 4+ positive with both Anti- D reagents ECHO weak D. My question is why did the initial test not react? If this was a particular variant etc., I could chalk it down to method or reagent but having one result on the same sample tested on the same day and then finding another result hours later when repeated does leave me wondering. Any ideas?? I will say the sample was EDTA and was refrigerated for several hours prior to the repeat testing.
  3. Our facility has decided to start running IgG DATs on our echo (for cords and investigation of warm autos) but there is one snag in the road - neither CAP or API offer an Automated DAT survey at this time - so what do other facilities do? We have a couple ideas but would love to hear what others are doing to stay proficient if running DATs on any automation... 1. Old school blind comparison? - procure blind samples from another facility near by that performs DATs on automation 2. Use the samples from the J (manual) CAP survey on the instrument - but how to report it out on the survey??? 3. Other suggestions????
  4. Hi. We encountered an interesting case tonight. A male patient with no history of transfusion (also said he's never been transfused) typed beautifully A Pos. His screen, however, was positive 3+ for cells 1 and 2 and then D pos panel cells ranged from 1+ to 3+. The D negative panel was negative and antibody ID panel was positive for all D pos cells. We then looked as his med list. He's on Bicalutamide, but there's no mention of BB interference in any literature I've Googled. He has a hx of prostate cancer and family hx of malignant neoplasms. Tube results were negative across the board (I used both LISS and no LISS to see if any difference). They were text book, beautifully negative at that for all phases. DAT negative. What could be an explanation of this??? Is there any cases of solid phase D reacting due to meds? Meds are the only conclusion we've come to so far. Any thoughts???
  5. I'm getting ready to validate cord blood testing on the Echo, specifically Pediatric blood type and DAT. I would appreciate your answers to my poll regarding your specimens. Thanks everyone!
  6. We are in the process of validating our new ECHO. Our current method is manual Ortho Gel. We have a 28 week pregnant O negative female with a 4+ antibody screen in gel. Her antibody was identified as Anti-D (4+ reaction strength) in Gel and titered out to 8 at 37 degrees and 8 at IgG using Immucor screening cells in tube testing. My question/problem is when we ran it on the ECHO, the screen and all panels available to us were negative. I've seen many posts where the ECHO is too sensitive an instrument, but no posts where a 4+ antibody in Gel produced a negative reaction in Solid Phase (ECHO). Has anyone had similiar results or an explanation why the ECHO results are not coming up? According to the patient and the hospital she transfered from, she has not received Rhogam and had a negative antibody screen at the start of this pregnancy.
  7. Anyone who is using automation in blood bank, Do you order automation survey from CAP?
  8. Hi I am reference coordinator at 450 bed Level 1 Trauma Center. The last few months I have seen a few times when all three Neo screening cells are about 2-4+ pos and then Neo panel was all negative. These patients did not have Rhogam and tested negative in PEG testing. I have also seen this happen with several different Neo screening cells lots. One patient screen on Lot R369 was 3+ pos for all three cell on both Neo instrument but had a negative Neo panel on Lot ID201. Then this patient was tested against another screening Lot (R374). Which resulted in 3+ reactions on all three cell on one instrument but the screen was negative on the other instrument. 30 min Peg screen and auto control was negative. Immucor is reviewing this one but has not responded yet. Another patient example is a patient screen on Lot R384 tested 3+ on cell 1, 2+ on cell 2, and ? on cell 3. Since the other Neo was down the Tech repeated the screen with Manual Solid phase and all 3 screening cells were 3+ pos. The Neo Panel DN072 was all negative and so was PEG screen and panel. Has any one else had a solid phase panagglutinin positive screen and corresponding neg solid phase panel?
  9. Hi Everyone, I am new to this site, but could not find any threads specifically pertaining to some of the peculiar solid phase issues my lab seems to deal with. We have one Echo, one Galileo, and a solid phase station. We have been using them for a number of years. Like many people have posted on the forum, there seems to be some strong panagglutiniation “false positives” but ours only appear on the machines. Interestingly, if we run these samples in manual solid phase (MSP), both the screens and panel cells will be negative (or show an underlying antibody). Warm autos are then ruled out. If it is still a panagglutinin in MSP, we move to gel and follow through with warm auto testing. Though MSP is supposed to be a little less sensitive than the machines, a 3+ does would not normally turn negative. I am posting to see if anyone has the same experience, where machine solid phase testing is all positive and manual solid phase testing is negative. This leads me to believe that the “solid phase antibody is actually an antibody to the pre-embedded screen and panel strips because there is no other difference between the two testing methods. Does any one else go to manual solid phase before going to their secondary method?
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