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Found 9 results

  1. We would like to discontinue performing KB stains in our laboratory and perform all fetal bleed determinations using flow cytometry. However, our flow lab is not 24/7. How do others address this issue of turn around time for results?
  2. In your hospital, do you give rhogam to weakly D positive mothers without differentiating whether the mother is weak D or partial D?
  3. Mother is O negative, baby is A negative. The DAT on the baby is positive, so the Weak D is inconclusive. According to the limitations of the FMH screen, if you have a weak d (which we don't know if it is or isn't because of the positive DAT) you must use a test to detect feto-maternal hemorrhage other than the screen. We send out a KB for this determination. However, the limitations also state that "in cases of ABO incompatibility between mother and child, the mother's natural ABO antibodies may destroy any fetal cells in the maternal blood specimen before testing is performed. This is true for any method of detecting fetal cells in the maternal blood." So my question is would you send this ABO incompatible specimen out for a KB or would you just issue the mother one vial of Rhogam and not worry about the KB since nothing may be detected? This was an uncomplicated vaginal delivery.
  4. Howdy all. I'm working on getting RhIg out of the BB and into pharmacy. They're for it, we're for it. I was wondering how it's dispensed at hospitals where the RhIg is kept by pharmacy. We're using Meditech 6.0 and are working on how and who orders the injection. What I'd really like to know is if anyone dispenses it from a pyxis or omnicell. That's what we'd prefer because it would be more convenient for everyone involved.
  5. Hello All! I took over as supervisor not too long ago. I am in the process of updating policies and procedures that have just got to go. One such thing is doing full panels on OB patients who have recently been given Rhogam. We did 122 such panels last year and they are a waste of time IMO. Do you guys have a separate policy for this or do you include it in your general AB ID policy? Do you still do full crossmatches for these patients and what do you call it in the computer. Right now they are calling them Passive anti-D. Does anyone have a policy or tips they are willing to share? Thanks!
  6. We started using the Provue in 2013. Currently when testing prenatal and maternal patients to determine if a patient is a candidate for RhIg immune globulin or Rhogam, we perform tube and weak D testing. Considering the AABB Std that weak D testing is not required, we looked at dropping it all together (except cords and neonatal testing), The Provue ABD gel card package insert says it will detect nearly all forms of D antigen so we are considering using the Provue result exclusively. A quick survey of other labs with Provues in our area shows most are still using weak D testing to various degrees. If you use a Provue, did you drop weak D testing? Or do you only perform weak D if there is a +1 or +2 reaction in gel as some facilities are doing? thanks.
  7. Our current policy regarding postpartum RhIG workups is that the mother be drawn within 1 hour of delivery to ensure accurate dosing with the Kleihauer-Betke test. Does anyone else have a time frame and if so do you have a reference for where your time frame came from?
  8. Question, Our transfusion service oversees the issue of rhogam to patients. by reading the package insert it is unclear about the dosing of over 5 shots. Does anyone have any information about how shots should be given, if you are giving over 5?
  9. For blood banks/transfusion services who issue Rhogam, do you know if there is any validation or change process required if I change manufacturers? Has anyone used HyperRho? If so, what do you think of it? Thanks!
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