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  1. Posted August 28, 2016 The easy solution at the question, reported by colleenbennett, on the usefulness of cover the blood films with glass coverslips, not is ultimate because blood smears are preserve better without using coverslip. For storage stain peripheral blood smear slide a non-aqueous/permanent mounting medium (Entellan, DPX, Canada Balsam, and Neo-Mount) is recommended. As soon as the slide is completely dried, a few drops of a non-aqueous/permanent mounting medium are brought up on the preparation. Avoid air bubbles under the cover slip when the slide is covered. After drying time
  2. The Coding and Payment Guide for the Physical Therapist (CPT) is a numeric code that codify for specific analyte determined by means a specified methodology with a automated or manual procedure that for Bilirubin Total & Direct is 82247 for Bilirubin total (Neonatal Bilirubin) and 82248 for Bilirubin direct when measured with Jendrassik-Grof modified methodology applied on automated instrument. Through Bilirubin total reagent are measured in single determination conjugated, unconjugated and delta bilirubin (neonatal samples contain little or no direct δ-bilirubin) that produce a single res
  3. The Sysmex XN-Series multiparameter automated hematology analyzer, consist of a new channel named the WDF channel. This channel can differentiate leukocytes from cells treated with specific reagents containing detergents and fluorescent stains, by using the 2-parameter flowcytometric method. The scattergrams of the 2 channels have different patterns due to the differences in the reagents used as well as differences in the hardware and software. In particular, the WDF channel differentiates between lymphocytes and monocytes and enhances the se
  4. Welcome to the forums Zagami :)

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