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  1. With the PR platelets we are irradiating less. But I've found that the IPDM will still let you scan a PR platelet Ecode without any sort of warning. I've asked the vendor for direction, but wondering if anyone here has had a way of warning techs.
  2. Blood Product Administration Module. It's a pretty cool feature in the EMR that has helped tremendously with nursing documentation in our facility. I agree with both David and John. I have a nurse who is saying that they are having a hard time with the 4 hour transfusion requirement with including the saline flush which seems very odd to me. Thank you for confirming thoughts!
  3. With our move to BPAM we have had a better look at stop times for transfusions. My question is when is the stop time determined? When the blood bag is clamped, or when the saline flush is complete and the tubing is cleared? All my readings have not specified what action constitutes a stop of the transfusion.
  4. Our issue is that the ED providers find a paper form archaic and say that the patients electronically signed EMR note should give enough indication for the product need prior to compatibility testing. No...blood is never withheld in an emergency situation. This EMR review would be retrospecitve.
  5. Does anyone utilize the physician notes that mention the need for blood and are electronically signed in the EMR to satisfy the documentation required for emergency release of units?
  6. In reviewing our emergency release policy we are required to obtain a post-transfusion sample after giving non-group specific blood and group specific blood may not be issued until an antiglobulin crossmatch can be shown to be compatible due to passive transfer of anti-A, anti-B, or anti-A,B from the O blood or the A plasma in our MTP protocol. Is anyone else doing this? Is there a standard I am not finding?
  7. Besides anecdotal reasoning to obtain a current admission sample, is there a requirement or standard addressing non-cellular products and historical vs current sample requirements prior to transfusion?
  8. If a patient has a historical ABO/Rh on file where two determinations of blood type were made at that time, is it necessary to verify the ABO/Rh on a current sample prior to plasma/platelet/cryo transfusion?
  9. Welcome to the forums rosi0017 :)

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