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  1. Our transplant center called and they have a new required change where Type "B" recipients must have and Anti-A IGG titer performed before the recipient can get an A2 or A2B donor's kidney. They sent me a copy of a procedure that they had gotten from another facility. That procedure treats the serum with DTT but then the rest of the procedure is on their automated analyzer. We currently do not a procedure for titers that treat the serum with DTT and then goes to 37C we only do RT isohemagglutinin titers. Does anyone have a Anti-A IGG procedure with treatment with DTT that they would be wi
  2. We use Meditech BCTA automated transfusion verification system with the Typenex barcoded wristbands - works beautifully.
  3. We have had the same issues and are looking at using gel as our backup instead of test tubes. We have found in a small comparison so far that most are negative in gel but we have found true antibodies in gel that were negative in PEG and LISS and that gave no apparent pattern with solid phase even with homozygous cells that turned out to be Fy, E antibodies. I have attached some literature comparing SP to GEL (one includes comparision to PEG). Cleveland Clinic_final.pdf ECHOSP 240.doc ECHOSP 263.doc
  4. Thank you for the update. I had stepped out of the field for about 5 years. Alot changed.
  5. Sorry I didn't write my question very well I had found the below article for Managing Recall and Market withdrawals and then had read in the technical manual a reference to FDA blood guidances on infectious disease. Within the article it had Table 3. Suggested Approaches for Follow-up of Blood Components Discovered After Transfusion to Have Been in Nonconformance (Biological Product Deviations). Outside of Lookback for HIV, HCV, and Chagas, is anyone contacting the physician for recalls/market withdrawals received from your blood supplier of any of the items listed like the Malaria-risk trav
  6. Does anyone have criteria that they use to notify the physician when a product recall or market redrawal is received from the blood supplier? The technical manual says the FDA has included recommendations on whether or not to notify the recipients physician but I can't find anything.
  7. We currently have tube as our backup. We are having an ongoing problem with techs overshaking the tubes. Missing positive DATs on cords, weak sub-groups, mis-identification of antibodies with weak reactions, etc. We are trying to educate but I have a staff of 25 with several in the field less than 5 years. Part of problem is we are level 1 trauma and staff gets slammed and they are trying to work to fast - can't shake gel away.
  8. Are there any users out there that have an ECHO analyzer and are using manual gel as their backup instead of test tubes?
  9. We are currently having staff check diagnosis' on patients for irradiation needs. However, our current pathologist is requiring us to report it to FDA if my techs miss seeing a diagnosis that requires irradiation. Has anyone out there encountered this problem?
  10. Hi, I'm a blood bank supervisor at a level one trauma center for the state of oklahoma. Have only been supervisor at this size institution for a little over a year (around 1,000 bed). Joining to get ideas from other large facilities of how they handle things. We are also a teaching institute and have residents and MLTs rotate through our department.
  11. Welcome to the forums tburl :)

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