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  1. Thanks to all who responded, I think I have a clearer understanding as I go forward, I just need my brain to re-learn all of this... I will have my Lab Director look into some of these programs that you have suggested. Again thanks
  2. My lab has decided that all generalist are to perform antibody panels and ID's. Keep in mind that I have been a generalist for 25 plus years and can perform the basic antibody screen but have never had to ID the antibody, we would send those to a reference lab. As with time so goes the memory, so I'm asking if someone would please explain "dosage" on a antibody panel and how to rule them out.. I just want to make sure I have a clear understanding of the rule out procedure. Thanks for your help...
  3. That actually happened to a co-worker of mine...she had some problem with her heart...she missed a few days of work...she came back and another co-worker and I noticed she was doing something akin to heart compressions..we asked her why she was doing that and she said her doctor told her until she got her pacemaker, when her heart started to act up on her "she was to give herself cpr"...her words...well needless to say we were on edge all night thinking she was going to code on us....real freaky!!!
  4. wow...this stuff happens at our lab too...
  5. How about cross contamination of your screening cells?? Just throwing it out there...
  6. Thanks for the input. As it stands now we have to confirm all negatives with Ortho...
  7. Hello, Does anyone use the Biotest "D" reagent and if so, have you had any problems with false negative reactions??
  8. We have the "hold" order built into our system but rarely ever use it...For the most part our ER will go ahead an order a T&S and add units later if needed...
  9. If the MR# is not on the specimen then the patient has to be redrawn..only time that I know of that we made an exception to that rule was a surgery patient and the surgeon took responsibility for the for the draw...
  10. My lab does the handwritten BB labels with a second identifier..Both of these labels must match patient info on the patient"s BB bracelet exactly ie with phlebo's ( the RN's at my hospital donot draw blood) computer name and date and time of draw...
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