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  1. When I got to bed last night, I suddenly realised that I may have missed out a fairly obvious cause, as I had not taken into account the fact that the patients were all pregnant. I just wonder if these patients have all made anti-Lea and anti-Leb, as it is not unusual for the Lewis antigens to "disappear" in pregnancy, and quite often they transiently make Lewis antibodies. If none of the cells you are using are themselves Le(a-b-), then this antibody mixture (actually, it isn't a mixture, but anti-Lea+b) can look like an antibody directed against a high prevalence antigen. If you c
  2. Well, this is why I suggested the CR1 rBGP, as this will inhibit the antibodies directed against antigens within the Knops Blood Group System and, my other suggestion was the Chido/Rodgers Blood Group System; just as examples. I notice that you said that most of these patients are pregnant. Please do not, under any circumstances, think along the lines of HLA antibodies (I am certain that you wouldn't), as these would not appear as antibodies to high prevalence antigens. As I say, I'm sure you wouldn't, but others might.
  3. Short of getting HFA negative cells, you may be able to get recombinant blood group proteins, such as CR1 (possibly from the International Blood Group Reference Laboratory in the UK, or from Professor Axel Seltsam's company, which, I believe, is called imusyn GmbH & Co. KG.
  4. It is probable that most are auto-antibodies, as David suggests, but it could also be things like antibodies within either the Chido/Rodgers, or the Knops Blood Group Systems (if the auto is negative).
  5. We used to perform KBs in blood transfusion, but we finally got rid of them to haematology. The reason for this was because it was so unusual for us to come across a true positive (apart from the positive control, of course) that we felt that we were no longer able to guarantee competency, whereas, in those days, haematology were used to performing manual reticulocytes, and so could almost guarantee competency. Nowadays, of course, retic counts are performed by automation, so their competency can no longer be guaranteed either (but we never accepted the KB's back!!!!!). Since 2009 (
  6. A new tee shirt I gave myself for my birthday. I should have had a shave and lost about 70lbs first, but hey!
  7. But don't forget that those of us who are DCe/DCe are ALSO f Negative!
  8. I, too, am DCe/DCe (R1R1). This is getting spooky! Maybe you are on to something exlimey, and should write it up for Vox Sanguinis, Transfusion and/or Transfusion Medicine, or maybe even Nature!
  9. Ah, but don't forget that, not only did I work in a Reference Laboratory, but am also a self-confessed pedant, and so, if a patient was both c Negative and E Negative, and had an anti-c, we would go to the ends of the Earth to prove the presence or absence of an anti-E, as a matter of pride!
  10. I agree with exlimey. I once had an anti-E that reacted by LISS IAT, but try as we might, we could never get it to react with papain-treated red cells. We doubted the specificity, and so we sent it to Joyce Poole at the International Blood Group Reference Laboratory to have a look at it, and she confirmed both the specificity and the fact that it was non-reactive with papain-treated red cells. Anything is possible, as the antibodies refuse to read the damned text books! In the UK, it is almost a sine qua non that an "enzyme panel" is put up simultaneously with the IAT panel Joh
  11. Hardly ignorance John! I'm not quite sure how to explain this, but Fellowship of both the Institute of Biomedical Science (FIBMS) and of the British Blood Transfusion Society (FBBTS) is, if you like, a "silver medal" given for either passing some serious examinations in a particular field, and/or for serving the Institute/Society on various committees etc over a prolonged period of time. I can only used the FBBTS post-nominal letters while I am still a paying member! Life Membership is, for want of a better way of putting it, a "gold medal". For example, when I was awarded Life Mem
  12. Yes, it will be available as a recording after the event, but I don't know for how long.
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