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  1. Have a Very Happy Birthday AuntiS.

    1. donellda


      Happy Birthday!:clap:

    2. AuntiS


      Thank you Malcolm and donellda!

  2. Happy Birthday Cliff.

    1. donellda


      Happy Birthday Cliff:clap:

  3. Happy Birthday Cliff.

  4. Happy Birthday Marilyn - one of my heroines!

    1. Marilyn Plett

      Marilyn Plett

      Thanks. I'm having a good day. I turned 70 but my yoga mates assure me that I look 60!

  5. Have a very Happy Birthday AuntiS.

    1. AuntiS


      Thanks Malcolm!!!


  6. Am I being particularly thick Dansket (and no going into hysterical laughter please!), but on your photographs on the thread "Significant antibodies for electronic XM" - at least I think it is that thread - you have ABID on the left hand side, and then a series of specificities, including C and c.  Have I got the wrong end of the stick?  Are these actually antigens for which the patient is positive?  I am probably making a complete idiot of myself over this one, because I for one have never seen a patient with both anti-C and anti-c (well, I have, but the anti-c was an auto).

    1. Dansket


      It is just a test patient that I used to make sure all the antigens would be printed on label.

    2. Malcolm Needs

      Malcolm Needs

      Thanks Dansket - have you stopped laughing at me yet????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Have a very, very Happy Birthday.

  8. Have a very happy birthday Eoin.

  9. Have a wonderful birthday David.

  10. Have a very Happy Birthday today.

    1. mollyredone


      Thanks Malcolm!  I've been out with a broken wrist since August 21st so I haven't been checking in.

    2. Malcolm Needs

      Malcolm Needs

      Ouch!  I did that once - it hurts.  You have my sympathy.

  11. Have a very Happy Birthday.

  12. I hope that you have a very Happy Birthday shily.

    1. Yanxia


      Thank you very much, sir. I am sorry for the late reply, because there was something went wrong on my computer, I just fixed it today.

      My best wishes


  13. Have a Very Happy Birthday Beth.

  14. Happy Birthday Scott!

  15. Happy Birthday KKidd!

  16. Have a very Happy Birthday today!

  17. Happy Birthday!

    1. macarton


      Thank you very much

  18. Happy Birthday James!

    1. jayinsat


      Thank you Malcolm. 

  19. Happy Birthday.

    1. L106


      Hi Malcolm,

      Thanks for the birthday wishes.  I absolutely LOVE semi-retirement!  (I still work a few days a month on a per diem status.)  I haven't caught up with all the chores I want/need to do at home yet, so I haven't been visiting PathLabTalk for several months, but I'll be back eventually!  Hope everything is well with you, Malcolm!


    2. Malcolm Needs

      Malcolm Needs

      Yes thanks Donna, and, PLEASE, don't abandon PathLabTalk; your wisdom is required!

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