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  1. As Galvani states, this issue returns every year. CAP continues to send out the cells complement coated using a method that is KNOWN to cause cross reactivity with anti-IgG, particularly in CAT methods, hence their notification. It seems that not all Cap subscribers outside USA get this notification, and are therefore in a difficult position: fail. Interestingly, the CAP website states "for use with manual methods". What do they mean:not for CAT methods? Tube only? ... I hope some CAP representatives are reading this blog, and will finally talk to the IH community and do something about this situation.
  2. Well deserved Malcolm sorry I cannot be there: other engagements in Germany and Russia papapablo
  3. Can I add this: 1. As far as I know the Dutch guidelines state the single dose is OKMfor exclusion of anti-K ( 2 cells) 2. The same Dutch guidelines: in the presence of anti-D (only then) single dose OK for anti-C and/or anti-E 3. FRench guidelines require 3 cells, although they admit it is not something they can hold on to in "complex" mixtures 4. I agree with Malcolm about the strange attitude of equaling 1 double dose to 3 single dose? As of immunohematology were mathematical ?
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