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  1. Visit www.sw.org for several Lab offerings in the Central Texas region, not limited to just blood bank.
  2. We have seen this as of late as well. The patient has Hodgkins Lymphoma and we only see it in screening cell 3.
  3. Lu, Just FYI- I was inspected recently by CAP and got a deficiency on this question because I was not logging when I threw away or gave away any reagents to the local MLT program. I have always tracked in inventory but never logged a final disposition. I called around to several other facilities and it seems no one else (but the inspecting facility) is logging out either. I just took the hit on it, but now log a final disposition of reagents.
  4. I also thought tracking the tissue through the Meditech system was possible if entered by lots. Do you have to put the tissue on the patient's requestion in order to issue?
  5. Thank you for the information
  6. Due to the increase in prices what Rare anti-seras are unnecessary to keep in a smaller scaled transfusion service/reference lab. Melanie
  7. We make our own control out of 22% Albumin
  8. What is the standard time established for testing a patient's hemoglobin post transfusion?
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