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  1. 25 uL anti-C3b,-C3d, 50 uL 0.8% patient cells? Do you incubate before spinning? Thank you
  2. David, How are you doing the anti-C3b,-C3d in manual gel? Thank you
  3. Would you mind sending me a copy also? I'm not sure why my previous post appears to be a link. Thank you, Gerald
  4. http://Would you please send me a copy also? Thank you
  5. We have been seeing this for quite a while involving numerous different lot numbers. Gerald
  6. Does anyone have a possible explanation of this? Thank you, Gerald
  7. We are seeing rouleaux fairly frequently that appears in one screen cell and not the other, and in some of the gel panel cells the same way. This is in a Ortho IgG gel card ran on a Vision analyzer. The Rouleaux is verified in tube under the scope. We normally run a PEG tube screen and panel on these patient's and they are almost always negative. Why would this appear in some cells and not in others? Thank you.
  8. We have an Ortho Vision and we're seeing "?" on virtually all of our antibody screens. The Vision's camera shows some cells hanging just above the cell button. If you look at them manually we wouldn't have even questioned them as being positive. I have ran 4 different lot numbers of IgG cards during the last 2 weeks and see no difference in any of them.
  9. We have seen it once in a while out in the 5-6 month range with Ortho Gel. Gerald
  10. I went to training last week and we are doing the setup right now. I'm very impressed. We are Meditech CS 5.6 and have had a Provue for about 9 years. Gerald
  11. Our Helmer cellwasher system flush requires a bleach solution. The ProVue also requires a monthly disinfection that uses bleach.
  12. Thank you all for your responses.I really appreciate it.
  13. No, the blood center is not passing on the fee to us.
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