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  1. Hi Neil, Is that in a guideline anywhere?
  2. Is this a requirement for heterozgous HbSC?
  3. Does a heterozygous HbSC patient need HbS negative blood?
  4. Can someone help me out here please I am right in saying this term HTLA is falling out of fashion ? Is there is a new term for these annoying antibodies? I can't seem to find any reference to the current terminology unless I'm not looking hard enough I know the 16th edition of the AABB manual does not quote HTLA in its index
  5. Dear Malcolm, talking about being stressed out with IT I am in the middle of a 24 hour on call and the Ortho analyser terminal has died on me! I cannot get anything but a black screen and I didn't touch it! Left a message for the Hotline but they are not open this time?? Only 9 long hours to go
  6. Yes its not immediately obvious how to post! Does anyone have any super duper ideas on how to manage stock in particular FFP ? Assuming one does not have a computer friendly computer system. Posting a chart on the fridge door and asking staff to fill in stock levels daily ?by on call staff? start of every day shift? Asking staff to fill in charts on doors is always difficult to 'police' when you have rapid staff turnaround would just a 'tick box' be better to document the stock has been checked to be adequate? Currently staff should reorder stock when stock is used. What systems do other people have in place to avoid opening the door of the freezer to find an empty draw?
  7. whats the official guideline on this do most people use homozygous or heterozygous to titer say a known antenatal E?
  8. Thanks Mabel thats kind of what I thought but couldn't find anything concrete written about it
  9. Yes Direct Coombs Test DCT but what I was interested in is what is anything actually happens to the patient when they receive such blood? maybe nothing?
  10. Does anyone know of any references/papers regarding the consequences of giving a patient (unintentionally of course) DCT +ve blood. There seems to be very little written about it. We do not routinely do a DCT on Donor blood and of course it should get picked up in the crossmatch, but if group specific uncrossmatched blood were given in an emergency its a possibility such blood could be given to a patient. What are the likely consequences?
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