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  1. Thanks everyone! Just a little bit about me: I work at a children's hospital that is also affiliated with an MLS program on the East Coast of America! I graduated with my BS in MLS June 2020. Immediately from there, I took up a med tech II position in my internship hospital's blood bank. I've been working there since and occasionally work at our adult "sister" hospital or sometimes as a companion sitter on the floor of the children's hospital (I know I don't have much experience ). I also teach urinalysis and chemistry to the MLS students at my hospital. Blood bank was the subject really clicked for me though; I've found my niche in transfusion medicine in short time I've been a tech. I'm super young to even be considering the exam but I'm very passionate about the work I do and always am finding ways to learn more, so fingers crossed that my studying has paid off!
  2. Thank you! Prepping to take my BB Exam in 17 days and found this site!
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