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    Transfusion Medicine, eLearning, Education, Classic/Vintage Cars, Photography, Musician, Family
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    Transfusion Medicine Scientist
    - Manager, BloodSafe eLearning Australia, an award winning transfusion practice and patient blood management online education program for doctors, nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals involved in the transfusion chain. www.bloodsafelearning.org.au.

    - Laboratory Manager, Haematology and Transfusion, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide
    - Transfusion Medicine Scientist, Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide
    - Principal Training Manager: new Royal Adelaide Hospital
    - Manager, Online Services, South Australian Medical Education Unit (Post-graduate Medical Education Council)
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    Adelaide, South Australia
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    Transfusion Medicine Scientist/Educator
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    David Peterson

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  1. Yes Mabel, all free and accessible to anyone. just be aware that all courses are based on Australian guidelines
  2. In Australia it is the doctor's responsibility to have the informed consent/shared-decision making discussions, and to document this in the patient's medical record. There are a number of resources available to assist and to educate doctors on how to do do it. I've listed some below that maybe of interest. BloodSafe eLearning Australia provides online education and resources on clinical transfusion practice and patient blood management, and have exemplar videos on informed consent: Shared decision making and consent for adult patients Transfusion consent for neonates: A shared decision Transfusion consent for paediatrics (currently being developed) These are available at no cost. The Australian Red Cross Blood Service also has a range of resources that can assist doctors with informed consent. Disclosure of Interest: I am a transfusion medicine scientist and previously laboratory manager, and am currently the manager of BloodSafe eLearning Australia, an Australian government-funded program that develops clinical transfusion education.
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