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  1. Thanks, Malcolm! We will probably defer the donor. I had the same explanation in mind but my colleagues were telling me that it's a group O donor while I thought it's a weak subgroup of A with anti-A1.
  2. Donor Forward group: -A:0, -B:0, -A,B:0 Reverse group: A1C:0, A2C:0, BC:4 Cold panel at IS, RT, and 4C with O, A1 and A2 cells: 1+ reactions with A1 cells only Adsorption elution with polyclonal anti-A: no evidence of A antigen What next? Geno? Why there are no reactions with A2 cells?
  3. For an A3B patient, is it common to get MF with anti-A reagent only and no MF with anti-A, B? We tested the sample with multiple sources of Anti-A, Anti-B and Anti-A, B. MF is seen only with -A reagent.
  4. I was thinking about a 5 screen panel by SIAT or GEL. If everything reactive I will set up some cord and group A and B cells .
  5. It was part of the SOP to do IS panel if everything is reacting in reverse including screening cells and auto control negative.
  6. Hi, We have a Group A Pos patient antibody screen negative by capture. The 16 cell panel is reacting by IS (1-2) auto control negative. The patient was never transfused, not pregnant. How do you approach these cases other than running a SIAT panel at 37C?
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