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  1. CAP TRM.40690

    The TRM.40690 states: Computer Crossmatch validation documentation of your laboratory information system should cover the "computer alerting of the user of any discrepancy". We have a computer crossmatch procedure explaining the criteria for computer crossmatch eligibility. In addition, we have a separate procedure for "issuing blood products" that detail what needs to be checked during the crosscheck between the technologist and the staff member picking up the unit right before the release of the product. We show these documents and haven't had any issues.
  2. Reference Lab Testing

    Thank you all for your responses!
  3. Anti-A1

    I agree with exlimey in referring to manufacturer's insert. I would also think of resolving ABO discrepancy. If there is Anti-A1 in your patient's plasma, then you have to find type A red cells negative for A1 antigen. In my opinion, it is easier and more practical to use the reagent A2 cells. You have to consider the cost of Anti-A1 lectin and resources used to find A1 negative cells. So the question is: Do you want to screen and find A1 negative cells or do you want to use reagent A2 cells?
  4. Reference Lab Testing

    Thank you for your responses. One of the issues is, for example, type and screen (TS) charges. Type and screen is done at the hospital and the reference lab also perform a TS and bills for it. We're just concerned that it might look like a double charge for TS. So do you guys absorb the cost?
  5. Reference Lab Testing

    When and ABID cannot be completed with the available methods in-house, patient samples are sent to a reference laboratory. Hospital receives a bill from the reference laboratory based on the complexity. Does anyone have any experience on how to properly pass these charges on to patients? Thanks