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  1. AABB 5.30.1

    Thanks, That is what I'm going to do!
  2. AABB 5.30.1

    Hello, Reviewing my AABB checklist with no time to spare! Standard 5.30.1 states, "Interpretation criteria shall be established to prevent the mistyping of an Rh-negative patient as Rh positive due to exposure to Rh-positive red cells." Would this be observation for mixed field? What does everyone else do? Thanks so much for any response. Julie Anderson Lake Health
  3. Microscopic Examination

    Thank you all so much! Awesome responses! Humorous as well! Very good point about shaking the tubes to examine for agglutination. Some techs will shake too hard. I also am worried about Gel to tube method comparison. I think I'll stick with RH antibodies with PEG. Julie
  4. Microscopic Examination

    Thank you all. Your responses are greatly appreciated!
  5. Microscopic Examination

    Hello, We use tube testing for DAT's and as back up to Gel for antibody detection and ID. We use Biorad anti IgG and polyspecific. We have always examined DAT's microscopically and tube testing at AHG (LISS and ALBUMIN). The package insert for BIORAD state that "microscopic examination is not recommended." I am looking into switching to IMMUCOR anti IgG and Poly whose package inserts just state that an optical ais may be used for examination but does not refer specifically to microscopy. I'm not sure if elimination microscopic examination on DAT's and tube antibody detection and ID is a good idea. Does anyone have any advice or insight? Thanks so much. Julie Anderson
  6. Sending Blood In A Pneumatic Tube

    Hello, I was wondering if those who tube blood products perform semi annual validations after the initial validation of the pneumatic tube station? Julie Anderson Lake Health