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  1. This may seem like an odd question, but was the screen tested using a different method than the panel? I only ask this because there are some hospitals that run Antibody Screens using Gel then run the panels using Tube Testing. One cannot expect Gel vs Tube testing to give 'identical' results for several reasons. Incubation Timing can also make a difference. If only 1 cell in the Screen was positive and the entire panel was negative, I'd tend toward an Antibody to a Low Incidence Antigen. But, this case had 2 positive screening cells, correct? Other than sampling/dispensing error, I'm just trying to think of the reasons the Screen would not correlate with the panel.
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  2. On a previous new post, someone said the Ortho Representative told him they needed to do the air gap method. If Ortho is requiring the method, it would be nice to have some printed material about it. If there is none, it’s no big deal, I think I’ll live.
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  3. From reading the previous comments, both old and new, it appears that the manufacturer (Ortho) does not specifically require the bubble and therefore nothing is in writing (the Directions for Use). You may be out of luck trying to find something to reference.
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