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    ISBT 128 Product Modifications

    I hope this information helps in regards to DIN on collected or pooled products. Per US Consensus Standard, the DIN should remain that of the collection facility unless the product is pooled. If the product is pooled, a unique new pool number shall be assigned by the pooling facility. This product shall be given a new Donation Identification Number (DIN) and not use a DIN from one of the units in the pool. The new DIN shall have the Facility Identification Number of the pooling facility. And below DIN information is excerpted from the US Consensus Standard v3.0.0 - Some computer systems treat reconstituted red cells as a pooled product; others do not. The Donation Identification Number (DIN) can either be a newly assigned Pool Number (for those systems that treat the product as a pooled product) or that of the RBC (for those systems that do not treat it as a pooled product). The text name and location of the facility that appears beneath the DIN shall correspond to the Facility Identification Number within the DIN. That means, if the original DIN of the red blood cells is used, the name beneath the DIN shall correspond to the collection facility. If a new pool number is assigned to the product, the DIN shall have the Facility Identification Number of the pooling facility, and the name beneath the DIN shall be that of the pooling facility. Regardless of which method is chosen, traceability of both the red blood cells and the plasma shall be assured. The DIN of the plasma must be associated with the DIN of the final product in the facility records.
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