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Bovine albumin reagents

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I'm work in small town and sometimes we have problems to find some reagent like bovine albumin reagents 

 In our blood bank we use manual cross match ( tube method ) 
My question is can I prepare the albumin reagent in the lab ? Or is there any method to reduce the incubation time for croos match ? Because when we don't have albumin we extend the incubation time to one hour. 
Or is there any website I can order it online 

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Who do you get your other reagents from...like anti-A, anti-B, etc.? I would assume that you would be able to order on line directly from the vendor/manufacturer of those reagents.

Instead of albumin, I would recommend a switch to a low ionic strength solution (LISS, Lo-Ion, N-Hance are some of the name brands readily available in the US). Shorter incubation time and readily available from reagent suppliers.

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I purchase a 22% albumin from Hemobioscience H305 (5X10ml).  I dilute it and then use it to make up QC reagents.  I don't know if they have different strengths or not.  We use Bio-Rad's LISS reagent  called MLB2 (1X50ml size) for routine tube testing.

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