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Meditech Extended Expiration Samples

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Hello Meditech users,

Does anyone extend the preop Type and Screen samples for longer than 72 hours (example 7 days, 14 days, 336 hours)?  We used to do this with Softbank, no problem.  Now that we have converted to Meditech, the background settings that require the ABORH and Antibody Screen to have been done in the past 72 hours for Electronic Crossmatch, are over riding the setting where we extend the expiration date of the sample.  In other words, the sample is good for 2 weeks, but the Type and Screen is only good for 72 hours.  This is a bit pointless because upon ordering up red cell product to be crossmatched, a new Type and Screen is reflexed on.

Any suggestions?

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We have Meditech Magic and I believe only "Super Techs" or supervisors can edit the BB specimen expiration.  It's under Requisitions, LIS menu, and 29 "edit BBK specimen expiration.  I don't do it often because we are a small hospital, but if the patient has been admitted for surgery and hasn't been transfused/pregnant in 3 months, and then needs blood, I will extend it for a couple of days.  I have to admit I haven't tried it with EXM though.  I'll have to try that.

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We are Meditech 6.15. The "Edit" tab on the Specimen desktop allows you to edit via a "BBK Specimen Expiration" selection in the pop up box.  As with all the Meditech versions after Magic, there are usually several pathways to the same function, but this is what I have gotten used to.  If the option is not available, there may be a setting in the Lab Access dictionary that has been set to make this option unavailable.

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