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Softbank Emergency Release Group A Plasma During MTP

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I am looking for a Softbank user who dispenses group A plasma during a Massive Transfusion Protocol (regardless of patient blood group). We are being told there is no way to restrict issuing group A plasma by patient type or location. We have a policy approved over a year ago that states we issue group A plasma for MTP but in essence we cannot do this in our computer system if the patient is type unknown or group B or AB. We cannot override and select the products either. The providers want the policy to work as written. I want the same, however, if there are no restrictions in non-emergency situations, the ability to dispense type incompatible products exists. If there is anyone out there who is familiar with Softbank, please respond. I am not familiar with Softbank tables but the other two systems I have helped build have tables that can accomplish this. Our IT folks tell us they are working with Softbank but it has been months. I find it hard to believe there is no other Softbank user already doing this.

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We have the interchange table on liquid plasma (never frozen) built to allow emergency issue to all & unknown types.  Our other plasma products require AB for emergent use.  As far as I know, there is no way to restrict by patient location.  We had to do extensive education w/ the bankers on when it is & isn't appropriate to utilize.  Hope that helps!

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