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Our whole stem cell lab is moving next year to a new space (not a better space, mind you, just new to us!).

We have 4 tanks full of stem cells.  Any advice or suggestions on how to safely move full tanks with liquid nitrogen?  I have a feeling most moving companies would balk at moving "dangerous chemicals".

We can't be the only ones who've moved!

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Alas, we're almost all full, so no empty tanks to use that way.

But I did get a response from the AABB celltherapy list group - and there are companies that specialize in moving full LN freezers.  They have trucks with power, so that the freezers are plugged in, and will attach the freezers to LN dewers.  They shrink wrap the locked freezers and minimize bumps while moving the tanks in/out.  And 1 company is even local to us!

We are not going far - maybe 1/2 mile away.  But we'll still need trucks to do this.

thanks for you suggestion!  I thought we'd have to buy/rent an extra freezer and ferry the frozen stem cells by hand in dry shippers!  With about 600 frozen tins, it would take months!   Thank goodness for niche markets.

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