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Anti-A Titers for type B kidney transplants

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Our transplant center called and they have a new required change where Type "B" recipients must have and Anti-A IGG titer performed before the recipient can get an A2 or A2B donor's kidney.  They sent me a copy of a procedure that they had gotten from another facility.  That procedure treats the serum with DTT but then the rest of the procedure is on their automated analyzer.  We currently do not a procedure for titers that treat the serum with  DTT and then goes to 37C we only do RT isohemagglutinin titers.  Does anyone have a Anti-A IGG procedure with treatment with DTT that they would be willing to share or any other recommends for us to help them meet this change?

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We perform titres for ABO incompatible kidney transplants. We carry out doubling dilution from N to 1/1024 using BioRad IgG cards ( 50ul  0.8%cells to 25ul diluted plasma, 15 min 37°) and neutral cards(50ul 0.8% cells to 50ul plasma , 15 min RT). We report the final positive dilution for each technique, 

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