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Provue Interface in Meditech 6.0

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Hello, all. I'm working on a Provue interface with Meditech 6.0 and it's working perfectly, all we need to do is validate it. I came across old Meditech magic 5.xx validation suggestions and one of the scenarios mentioned the patient's name and date of birth and specimen number appearing on the Provue after hitting the host button on the Sheet tab. Is this something that should be happening in Meditech 6.0. After I add the patient to the interface in meditech ( "Y" in the space about using the barcode number as the identifier, otherwise it uses the date and BB# and the Provue doesn't know what to run on it) I load the specimen, hit scan, and all that appears is the barcode number. I don't see this as a big issue---it's how most every other analyzer works---but if the name and other info can populate into the Provue, then I should at least look into it. The Provue recognizes the barcode number perfectly fine and knows which tests to run. Should I worry about this at all?



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I didn't think you could get the ProVue interface to work bidirectionally with Meditech?


(That is what I have been told)

It's claimed to be bidirectional. The Provue is certainly able to download what tests to run on a specimen, but I've seen no evidence of names or any of that coming over. Being able to download from meditech fits the bill of bidirectionality, but I was just wondering if it really would bring in names and other info.


I wish it had host query. What's possible safety feature is having to press a button in order for it to communicate?

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