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Diamed Gel card - Donor Card vs Patient card -Reg


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Recently I  joined a relatively new Transfusion service where Diamed ABD confirmation donor gel cards (forward) are used for grouping both patients and donors. (Reverse done manually). On the  donor cards it is clearly mentioned that D VI plus. When I checked up with other blood bank,s I found that they were using patient cards (DVI negative) for both donors and patients and whenever a donor is found to be negative, weak D testing is done and classified accordingly. No weak D testing done on patients. Nobody wants to use two types of cards in the lab, one for donor and other for patient. That sounds sensible. But, I would like to know whether the antisera supplied by Diamed for weak D testing detects both weak D and partial D.

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Per the reagent insert for DiaClon Anti-D, IAT positive reaction indicates the presence of weak D or partial D.

The reagent insert for ID-DiaClon Anti-D (utilizing the IgG or AHG card) states it will also detect the presence of weak D or partial D.

Reverse is done manually? By tube or NaCl card? What about your auto control in a patient that is AB pos?

It would be more efficient and cost effective to use the patient card.


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I hope that you are not using the ABD card as your primary grouping technique.  The ABD card is only meant to be used as a secondary confirmation on a known blood group.  For example, if the patient has already had a full blood group done with a full grouping card, which always contains a control.

What country are you working in?


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