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    • By amblanki
      Has anyone out there done this records request inspection from the FDA?  Curious how you provided the information and what your experience was if you are willing to share.
    • By MHiggins
      For those of you who perform testing and provide blood products to satellite facilities, how do you transport the products? Do you use a transport box/cooler? How are they kept at the facility? In a refrigerator or in the transport container (validated for x amount of time)? 
      Thank you!
    • By Dansket
      This flow chart represents our SOP for handling blood components issued to Nursing but returned unused
    • By kirkaw
      I'd like to know how many people are using temp indicator devices on their blood units. We are currently using the HemoTemp II stickers on units that are put in coolers for the OR, but for all other 'routine' transfusions, we just have the '30 min rule', meaning that blood can only be out of the blood bank for 30 min.
      I have been approached by multiple vendors lately regarding temperature monitoring devices that attache to units, namely Saf-T-Vue and Blood Temp 10. What are people's experience with any of these devices? Do you apply them to all (blood) units or only those that are in a blood transport container like a cooler?
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