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We looked at that a year or so ago. We had alot of trouble getting reproducable results. The test was hard to read. Its possible that the test has improved by now.

We decided to go with a reference lab for our HITs. We were lucky to find one that picks up daily as needed. We get results back the next day. Our docs don't complain too much about this. One of these days there will be an automated assay available.

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We use the GTI PF4 IgG. It took some practice getting the manual pipetting to work through washing, but it has been successful in our lab for a few years. We have had a handful of false positives, but if they did not fit the clinical picture we sent out the specimen for a seritonin release assay for confirmation. GTI's is the kit used at the other hospital in town. It takes about 2 hours with washing and adding reagent every thirty minutes.

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