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Greetings from New Jersey


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I stumbled onto this website while researching and immediately signed in! What a great forum.

I am a supervisor for an Immunohematology Reference Laboratory. I also have a thirst for knowledge, a need to share what I can and a terrible case of insomnia.:sleepy:

Maybe by reading, answering and asking questions I'll let go of enough of what's in my head to get a good sleep!

I look forward to meeting many new people.

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Hi! I stumbled on this website recently too. I'm from NJ too.

It would be great if this website was promoted during the NJ Blood Bank Professionals (spring) meeting. I bet there would be more people signing up online!

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Hi and welcome i too stumbled across this site and so glad i did.Really like the fact the forum is so international love reading the threads even if i dont quite understand all of them its great to be part of the bloodbank talk community

hope you get some sleep soon

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Hi Ovrwkd....I have to admit your forum name always makes me smile....wish i'd thought of it !

Of course you do need to be careful- if your manager finds out about your insomnia they'lll probably not believe you are overworked, and give you some more!

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