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Delta Checks on outpatients


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Does anyone have a policy to share on delta check intervals? In our system (meditech) we have the hours set pretty far back and it stops outpatients for ridiculous things like a1c% and differential values and various chemistries. Personally I think delta checking differentials at all is a bit worthless, particularly on an outpatient whose last value was a week or two ago. And nearly daily at least a few inpatients will have differential delta checks.

I'd like to whittle down our delta checks to try to make them actually helpful and optimize our TAT with more autoreleased results.

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Howdy! Every facility I have worked in has had a different delta check policy.  I could ask a few if they would be willing to share, but honestly you should sit down with your medical director and work out what you think is important enough to have a delta, and then what that delta should be.  If I remember correctly, I think ARUP had a presentation over delta checks a few years ago, it might be enough to get you started? 

I worked for two labs that delta checked a portion of their diffs (not the whole thing), which for their patient populations was great for catching sepsis/infection or possible new myeloproliferative disorders.

What would be the best way to help you?

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