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malaria screening in remote mission lab

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I have a colleague who is doing laboratory work as part of a medical mission in Central America.

The only hematology stain she has is a quick stain with three bottles;  fixative, stain A (pink, presumably eosin) and Stain B (blue, presumably methylene blue)

She is asking about using the stain in malaria testing.

I know the CDC recommends Giemsa, and using Wrights only as a quick test for follow up with Giemsa.  Neither is an option for her.

Does anyone on the listserve have any experience with detecting malaria on a quick stained blood smear?


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We use fields stain for thick film staining with no issues. I have used it also for thin films in similar circumstances as your colleague and due to the number of positive cases and % positive had no problems or issues. 

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