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My lab currently uses the Beckman Coulter DXH 800 analyzers.  I was wondering what other labs' procedures are for RBC interference caused by hyperleukocytosis. 

One of the labs in my region is following an old procedure that has them spin the specimen, remove the buffy coat, and run the resuspended RBCs through the analyzer.  Has anyone else heard of doing this?



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There are a few ideas in this article;:


It seems like manually removing the buffy coat is a bit crude compared to some of these other ideas, like subtracting the auto-WBC from the auto-RBC to get an accurate RBC.


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Why don't you try using the 1:5 dilution method on the DxH analyser - If WBC not to high, then both WBC interference with RBC count* & WBC turbidity with Hb measurement would be reduced / excluded.

Also another question, if hyper leucocytosis, what so important about reporting the RBC & associated parameters? Surely WBC, Hb, Plts & WBC Diff the most important (this is what we do).

*DxH software designed to minimise this effect, but I'm not convinced this very effective.

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