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Found 2 results

  1. Howdy everyone! We are a small critical access hospital with 25 beds, and we are looking at implementing a Massive Transfusion Protocol to stabilize a patient as much as possible before they are airlifted to a larger facility. I have had very little luck finding any smaller hospitals that have such a protocol, and would love to hear from anyone regarding input on tailoring a MTP to a facility with limited resources. We do currently have a protocol defining the utilization of O+ units for adult male patients and women over childbearing age. We do not have the ability to provide platelets, rapid fibrinogen testing, TEG/ROTEM, or cryoprecipitate (though as a frozen product, we may decide to add that to the inventory). The addition of Tranexamic Acid, KCENTRA, and PCCs has been discussed, but there doesn't seem to be much information about their use when a patient is going to be airlifted within 1-2 hours. Thoughts? Links? Procedures anyone would like to donate? As a night-shift generalist in a small facility, I am perfectly comfortable admitting that Blood Bank is not my specialty, though I really enjoy the work! Thank you! Leah
  2. Our pharmacy and therapeutics committee is reviewing their guidelines for use of 4 factor PCC. They would like me to provide cost and risks of plasma transfusion. Does anyone have data on the costs of transfusion besides the product itself? Most of my data on transfusion risks is not specific to plasma. Better yet, maybe you have done this whole project and would like to share what you found? Or please direct me to a good, recent article on the topic.
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