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  1. How do you keep track of what is ordered versus what is dispensed. Example: Day 1 you receive a type and screen an order for 4 units of red cells. One unit is crossmatched at the time of dispense on this day. Day 2 no blood is picked up. Day 3 someone shows up and wants to pick up another unit. Before the tech can perform the crossmatch the tech is going to have to investigate the following: · Figure out how many units were originally ordered · How many units have already been dispensed on this order o If only 1 unit was dispensed the tech could dispense 3 additional units, if 4 units have been dispensed, tech would have to request a new order. I can see this being managed 2 ways, on paper or in LIS. LIS will work but will require several steps to look up all of the information. If we keep the paper order we could place a mark on the order each time a unit was dispensed. This could also become time consuming when you have to look through 3 days worth of orders. Does anyone have a easy way to manage this?
  2. My facility performs electronic crossmatches on all patients that do not have clinically significant antibodies. Our current practice is to perform the crossmatch when the order is received. We would like to change this practice. We are looking into performing electronic crossmatches at the time of dispense. This should free up a lot of units that are crossmatched but never dispensed. Is anyone else doing this? If you are, would you mind sharing your procedure with me or offer some advice?
  3. We test our donor types on the Galileo. Before the Galileo we used A,B for O units and immediate spin D typing on Rh negative units.
  4. Are there any Galileo users that are interfaced with Cerner Millennium? If so, how do you like it?
  5. We give it 24 hours from the time that the units are pooled
  6. 1. Albumin - BB 2. Clotting Factor concentrates - BB 3. Rh Immune Globulin-intramusular - BB 4. Rh Immube Globulin-intravenous (WinRho) - BB 5. IVIg - pharmacy
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