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    Been a Med Tech/Clinical Lab Scientist/Medical Lab Scientist for 38 years, generalist in small hospitals mostly, supervisor, manager, traveler, you name it. Blood bank has always been my favorite so I have had many opportunities to supervise this area as many others shudder at the thought.
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    Mary Davidson
  1. Wondering if everyone runs Latron controls as well as whole blood controls daily. It doesn't seem to be required by CAP.
  2. Thank you for putting my feelings into words! I do a lot of educating, and these are not new techs. Small hospitals usually have generalists and many do not really want to work in blood bank. And they don't like change (unfortuantely relearning to do something the right way after many years of doing it the wrong way is looked upon simply as change).
  3. Just to add to what others have already said... Your prenatals and babies don't need second types unless they are for transfusion, which I assume most of them are not. We built more than just "Yes" and "No" to result the History Check field: No Previous History, Previous History Negative, History of an Antibody, ABO/Rh History Only. Then there is a separate field "Retype Needed?" which is yes/no, with yes reflexing a retype with no charge attached. The tech has to look at the situation and decide if a retype is needed. We have the OB docs order "Type" and "Antibody Screen" as 2 tests for prena
  4. From my experience it is usually a process error or a tech rushing to complete something. But we do very little on paper these days so making corrections is electronic and I get a report of everything that was changed after it was verified.
  5. Welcome to the forums mdavids :)

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