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  1. Anti-Jamz

    SBB exam

    Has anyone study from the book and find it useful? I looked at the link and it seems like there are no reviews on the book yet.
  2. Anti-Jamz


    Thanks all for the warm welcomes. Notes Taken: CASE & KISS & "as long as no one dies we can normally fix anything else"
  3. Anti-Jamz

    SBB Exam

    Thanks for the tips Emily. I will start off reading the technical manual first before heading to other directions. Do you think most of the questions on the SBB exams are based on the Technical Manual? (As in Answers on the tests can be found in the manual?) Or it goes beyond that? -Jamie.
  4. Anti-Jamz


    Hi all, I am a fairly new tech with 2.5 years experience in the blood bank. Blood bank is my first job and I am loving it thus far. I am thinking of taking the SBB exam and this site has provide me with so many informations. I am learning something new everyday. There are so many brilliant people out here and I am looking forward to be part of this group. Jamie.
  5. Anti-Jamz

    SBB Exam

    To all that have been studying the SBB and passed the SBB, Are there any questions books for the SBB exam? I feel like I learn better with reading a chapter and then doing a practice test right after. If there is a book out there please let me know. Thanks. Jamie
  6. Anti-Jamz

    SBB Exam

  7. Anti-Jamz

    SBB Exam

    Congratulations!!! I am starting to read the AABB Technical Manual and hoping to take my SBB next year. You are my motivation and I hope one day I will pass the SBB too.
  8. Anti-Jamz

    Reading DAT microscopically

    Hi Mable, All DATs are performed with tube testings at my lab and we have to read all reactions microscopically. We do not use gel.

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